Thursday, March 28, 2013

Action Research Thus Far

Action Research Project Title:  Using action research, observe ways to make an economically disadvantaged student successful academically.

Number of AR Project Documented Hours: 4

AR Project Summary (at least 250 words):

Thus far after interviewing selected students I am seeing a trend over and over again that whenever a teacher treats students as adults and not as a “kid” that these students have had greater achievement in the classroom.  Other strategies that I have noticed that have been a recurring theme is positive reinforcement in the fact that they need to hear “good job” or even, “I know you can do better next time” instead of negativity.  I have also noticed that students who have consequence parameters in place that are not flexible that they will achieve greater success in testing areas.  One of the students stated that after failing a test that one teacher requires thirty minutes of mandatory tutorials and has the principal’s approval for this and if they skip tutorials it is automatic Saturday School.  This student stated that they cannot give up Saturdays because they have to tend to their younger siblings and that taking that day away from them puts a burden on their parents.  Some of the students interviewed expressed their distaste for this type of punishment for failing tests, but I have noticed that their test scores have vastly improved since the beginning of the school year.  One student told me that they were not used to this because they pretty much get to do what they want at home without any repercussion. 

Overall I think the beginning of the action research plan is going smoothly.  I plan on implementing a full-fledged study into this area at the beginning of next school year so that I can have a true beginning mark on my targeted student group.