Friday, January 25, 2013

Reflection on Action Research

One of the biggest things I've learned through week two is that you have to continually grow as a school leader/administrator.  Action research is the process of being proactive within your school community and diagnosing situations before they happen.  I have also learned that you, as an administrator, have to look at situations quantitatively and qualitatively.   These situations are not just limited to students but can be used for the entire faculty and staff of my school.  The last thing that I learned that I will type about is to have my teachers do research on why their particular student population is doing the way they are doing.  In other words, what's successful for them?  What have they struggled with?  Why are they struggling with this concept?, etc.  I have to set a standard first and foremost with action research and must encourage my teachers to do the same as well.

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