Sunday, February 10, 2013

Consensus Action Research Plan

I was able to meet with Mr. Holloway, our campus principal, Friday at 4:00.  He commended me on looking at a topic that can be proactively researched to better the Coleman High School academic community. 
However, Mr. Holloway suggested I change the core of my action research.  Although he agrees that this is an area that the high school should deal with, he feels that I should work hand in hand with our junior high administration to see how they are handling their campus because they are classified as year two of AYP.  Right now, the junior high is in the process of implementing supplemental teaching strategies that replace part of or all of some of the C-Scope lessons.  Mr. Holloway pointed out that if I base my research off of the entire junior high my sample group would be diverse enough to make up for small, individual variables that might come along with teaching the economically disadvantaged.  He also told me that by doing this I will gain firsthand experience in dealing with SRA reports in the case that the high school will reach year two of AYP next school year and that he would use my research as a basis to begin with.  As far as any further revisions to my plan, Mr. Holloway pointed out that if I do go ahead and change the focus of my action research that I include junior high personnel as well.
After meeting with him, I have decided to go with the route that he suggested.  I think this will be better in the long run, nominal group think, because I will be able to look at a group of students who will be entering Coleman High School as the intensity of the STAAR test rises and hopefully use my research to make them successful academically.

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