Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reflections of EDLD 5301

Before I took this class I felt that in order for a campus to continue to grow it should be able to grow and adapt to its student community.  I did not know that this process is technically called action research.  Throughout my short tenure as a teacher, I have practiced this process on numerous occasions, but not to the extent that we have had to endeavor in this class.  I feel that since taking this class I am better equipped and prepared to face the changing landscape of the education environment.
Dr. Arterbuy and Dr. Jenkins weekly videos have been a great help in understanding the scope of the weekly assignment.  These videos have helped me to organize my thoughts and the direction in which to attack the assignments.  I sometimes have aspirations of being at apex of learning like these men are along with the other professors I have already come in contact with.
The weekly assignments have helped me a great deal too in the fact that they have been very hands on and forced me to organize my thoughts.  I have a lot of ideas for action research and the weekly assignments have helped me to stream line my approach towards gaining a better understanding of the topics of my choice.  The feedback has been thorough on these assignments and helped me to understand whether the direction I have chosen is right or if it needs some tailoring.
I have gained a lot of insight and received tons of great feedback from my colleagues through the discussion board!  There have been a few people on there, in particularly, that have helped me to gain a better understanding of the weekly assignments and help me understand some of the academic jargon better through their own definitions and ideals.  I think that the discussion board is an invaluable topic in the fact that since this class is 100% on-line it gives people the ability to communicate in a flexible way for a population that is currently in the middle of their internships.
I have enjoyed blogging and getting to know other peoples’ thoughts about their own action research projects.  To me, blogging has allowed me to get to know more of my colleagues on a personal level because of the way some of them have set up their blogs.  This has helped me to better understand where they are coming from in their action research and why they think in the fashion they do.  Honestly, many of them have opened my eyes to other areas of school workings that I would like to research on my own in the future.  This has been a great way to interact with colleagues and also a great way to network with future school leaders and administrators.

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